Slurping In This Weather

My whatever-ship with X had been on the rocks for quite a long while that I’d have made a fortune from setting up a quarry. I really don’t know what sort of mysterious force can make two people who were on good terms clash like that. I saw our companionship shift gears real quick to one word responses and general disinterest. It was heart-wrenching! Every day I’d feel my will to live sip away.

That shii left me in ruins. A guy isn’t supposed to be demolished like that, but there I was – looking more depreciated than kanjo toilets. I tried to pick p the pieces (pardon my cliches, I have a whole bag of them today) but nothing in my gloomy life was yielding. I went on a manhoeing spree for a while until July came in knocking. I just got tired and felt empty all through. Life, simply, didn’t taste the same. Music wasn’t was chill and jokes weren’t as funny as before. It really felt like I was suspended in a choking depressing jelly of hopelessness.

One evening, I was flipping through my Westworld episodes lazily when I saw her message come through. I might have set a world WhatsApp opening record that breezy day. My eyes lit up comically and a huge smile creeped up so much that my cheeks won’t let me see the screen. Taking note of the smiley emojis she used, I let out a relieved sigh as I read her request to meet me in Thika, her new place. As per usual, I went on lamenting on how sijasalimiwa among other petty etiquette crimes. As you’d expect, I was already heading for the bus stop when I sent the reply to confirm that I’d be coming.

The journey to Thika shouldn’t have lasted more than 20 minutes but damn it was long as hell. I was truly anxious about meeting her after all this while and even setting my mind free to think of other things wasn’t helping either. I mean, what if she was trynna kill me? (Yes, I usually start with the worst of scenarios ). What if she needed a kidney or two for the soko nyeusi and I was the nearest Burma market? “Inaeza kuwa ukweli,” I caught the guy next to me telling his friend the NYS ting might have involved a bank with a blue logo, wink wink.

Nairobi County-166.jpg

I alighted from the matatu with zest and let the nyama choma air brush my nostrils ever so gently. She told me she was waiting for me near Neema Plaza near Pizza Inn. With all this giddy excitement I might have hop-skip-jumped all the way there. It wasn’t really hard to spot and dear Lord was she beautiful. X had a yellow maxi dress with orange florah prints that cascaded round her curves. She smiled nervously and I could tell from the brief hug that she was in a hurry.

“Finally, you made it. Nimekumiss, you know,” she said as she led the way. I must have looked like a fool smiling so hard as I did that evening. I caught a whiff of the perfume that she had also worn when we first met. Excitement. I tried to get more of it and this resulted in a collision with her soft rear. She chuckled, I got a max boner.

We didn’t talk much. Never even attempted to resolve the sikuongeleshi-huniongeleshi vibe we had before. After a sip or two of the rum she had, X got on top of me. I’m not saying that I felt the weight to my core, but I still walk funny even as I write this.

I traced my hands up her side and massaged her boobies, just for a little bit. I could feel her breath get quick and with a loud sigh she went for my lips. Tender. Tender lips is all I recall. My brain was in some kind of fuzzy utopia. I remember she accidentally slipped off and fell on the floor. The gravity must have been really strong that day as I followed her too, to a set of open & welcoming legs. She wound her legs around me and hugged me real close.

“..aki.. Just put it in already.. imekuwa long”

“You sure?”

She didn’t answer. Instead, she took it out herself and flung it in. Wait, was she commando all that time😮😮🤭?

It was so darn warm inside and the thrill got into my head. A few seconds later I was done. 😂There’s no dislike button here btw so keep on reading. I felt bad. But I wasn’t going to apologize for anything. It had been quite a long time for me too. So I went down on her. It wasn’t a perfectly trimmed lawn but some of us like to play in the meadow, you know. Maybe it was the rum, but everything was tasting real good. I licked around, on, inwards, outwards, wall-wards and in any other way you can think of. From time to time she’d let out a hushed ‘gai’ and I’d dive in deeper.

After a quick inventory I realised my rocket already had lift off. With a bid to make up for my previous transgressions, I thrusted with more vigour than the engine-pistons on Titanic. I’ve heard of ‘Kadash’ but who has the time for that? I found my hand hugging her neck and she seemed to like the prospect of choking. Her hisses turned to aaah-s and before you know it, ladies and gentlemen we had ‘Oh Gooood’ with a chance of ‘Mmmh’ now and then. It got to a point where she just dropped her jaw, rolled her eyes and left her spirit under my custody.

Suddenly, she hit her own Nirvana and started shaking intensively. She twitched the n coiled up with her feet shaking as though she wanted to swim into the carpet. After some hugging, she went to the bathroom leaving a trail of “whoo” and “heeeeh” behind. She beckoned me to follow her.

“Wah, tonight was really something” she tried to whisper.

“Well, sikuwa nimekuona in days”

“Can you…” she suggested seductively while licking between her fingers.

I could feel a slight drizzle outside. My shoes must have been rained on already. But these are thoughts that came now and then as she rode my face.


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